Principles to live Healthy and Successful Life

 Principles to live Healthy and Successful Life

1.     Gives values to relations rather than money.

As money may come back but the relation once gone can never come back. atleast try to resume your relation till the conditions goes out of your hand.


2.     Give and Take respect.

Give values to respect and dignity. So give respect others and get the same from others. Be polite with everyone but it does not mean to let anyone to harm you and your self respect.


3.     Set your own Goal and focus or concentrate on your goal.

Never feel jealous from someone else. Jealous only comes when you don’t have your own goal, then you target at the other’s goal and trying to get that -the other’s goal, without doing anything.

Just remember and work for concentrating on your own goal, instead of looking the surrounding people.


4.     Don’t waste time while pushing other’s down.

Don’t try to harm others or push others and let your time goes out of your hand, as time once gone, can never come back.

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