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.Under the scheme of Code of Criminal Procedure, non-cognizable Offences Are:

Public Wrongs

Private Wrongs

Both Public and Private Wrongs

None of the Above.

." Summon Case " Means a case relating to an offence , punishable with :


Imprisonment for life

Imprisonment for life a term exceeding two years

Imprisonment for life a term not exceeding two years

.Complaint under section 2 (D) can be



Oral and Writen

None of the Above.

.Section 2 (h) of the Code of Criminal Procedure defines the term





.Cognizable Offence Means_________

A serious offence

Offence in which police officer may arrest without warrant

Session triable offence

None of the Above.

.Complaint may relate to :

A cognizable offence

A non cognizable offence

Both (A) & (B) are correct

Must be for a non cognizable offence as the police has no power to investigate such as offences.

." Inquiry " under the Criminal Procedure Code , 1973 is to conducted by :

Police Officer

Magistrate only

Sessions Judge

Magistrate or Court

.Non- Cognizable offence means and offence wherein

A Police Officer cannot arrest without warrant

A Police Officer can arrest at his discretion

A Police Officer has authority to arrest without warrant

On request of complaintant , arrest can made

.The Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, came into force on :

1st July 1974

21st January 1973

1 April 1974

1 April 1973

.Under the Criminal Procedure Code , 1973 the nature of non- cognizable offence is

Bailable and simple

Bailable and grave

Only of grave nature

all of the Above

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